Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pared-Down Paella with Peas, Clams, and Chorizo

We had a lovely Valentine’s dinner…

Thank you Meg, of Fledgling Foodie, for choosing this week’s Food Matter’s Project recipe: Pared-Down Paella with Peas, Clams, and Chorizo. Since clams are not available to us here, we used shrimp and scallops and used a combination of chorizo and sausage.

DFJ cooked this scrumptious meal, while I made Joanne’s (Eats Well with Others) delicious champagne cupcakes.

So, this dinner became many other meals after and it just kept getting better. On the first night, we forgot to add the lemon and parsley but it was still good. The next day, we had this for lunch with a drizzle of lime and some parsley. I like it with lime, it cuts the grease and adds an extra zing. We had this again for dinner and I threw in some kale and spinach. The next morning, I threw the little bit left with more onions, bell peppers, spinach, and poached eggs on top. Every version was delicious!

Head on over to Meg’s website for the original Mark Bittman recipe and visit The Food Matter’s Project website to see what the other members came up with.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. DFJ and I were in Portland and had a lovely, lovely time. More on that in the next post!


  1. Paella and champagne cupcakes? Sounds like a fab Valentines' day celebration.

  2. I'm with Camilla. Could there be anything better on this earth than paella and champagne cupcakes? I'm eating leftovers now too and loving it!

  3. What a fantastic meal! How have I never heard of paella before? I'm looking it up right now..

  4. Your paella looks wonderful! I love how you turned the leftovers into so many different meals!!

  5. Love how you kept adding things, more layers, to use up what you had in the fridge- but also to add flavor. Smart (and delicious in the process!)


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