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Hello, my name is Margarita. Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by!

I worked as a special education teacher in Washington State for the past four years. However, when my husband got a job offer in Maryland, we had to move and I had to say goodbye to my job. We've only been in Maryland for a few weeks, so I'm currently making myself busy setting up our house and getting to know the area. I have also decided to pursue something that I have been dreaming of for a while now and with all the recent life changes, now seems to be a good time to go for it. This October, I will be doing a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Intensive and am crazy excited/nervous/scared. 

One of my favorite things to do is playing in the kitchen and making food. I like trying new things and am always up for food adventures because I believe that life is too short to be eating the same things all the time. There’s so much food out there and so little time. I often cook with vegetables and try to use ingredients that are in season. As much as possible, I try to buy local and organic. We only have one body and we should nourish it with wholesome food.  

I do not have any formal training and background in cooking or baking. When I went home for breaks during my college years, I would spend quality time with my mother in our kitchen at home, just watching her cook and occasionally lending a hand. She is my favorite person in the world and my favorite cook. A few years later, there were many evenings spent watching my dear friend, Sally, making dinner while I'm doing homework at her kitchen counter. She's my other mother. However, my pampered days came to an end because I had to be a big girl and learn to fend for myself. That was when I discovered the joys of cooking and thus sparked my passion for cooking.

Most of my inspiration comes from my cookbook collection and various food blogs. Recipes that I share on this blog are either adapted from cookbooks, magazines, food blogs, or original ones that I cook for everyday meals. Most recipes you will find here, especially the ones that I developed, are nothing fancy at all. I just want to let everyone know how easy it is to cook and how much better it is for our health and our pockets. 

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m working out. I enjoy doing different things… mostly yoga, walking, hiking, a little bit of running, biking, dancing, and weight lifting. I like doing various activities because I believe it’s best for all parts of my body to be engaged in different activities rather than just doing the same stuff all the time. My favorite workouts tend to change all the time depending on the weather, the season, and on what my body feels it needs at the moment.  

In this blog, you will find mostly recipes. There's also some occasional life stories, travel recommendations, book recommendations (I love reading), and musings. Join me in my quest for a healthy lifestyle and random adventures. I love hearing from you! Let's talk. 



  1. i love your motto. I really need to start woking out to compensate my love for food, haha... Cheers!

    Rima -

  2. Hi Margarita, it is nice to know about you. I am also teacher and love cooking, develop my own recipes like you. I will be following you.



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