Monday, April 1, 2013

Reverse Fondue

Yay for another Food Matter’s Project Monday! This week’s recipe, Reverse Fondue, was chosen by Lexi, the lovely cook behind Lexi’s Kitchen. To be honest, I was intimidated when I found out what the recipe was. Why fondue (with a whiny voice)??? I don’t have a fondue pot, it’s not happening. But, I was intrigued and curiosity got the better of me. What in the world is a reverse fondue? Also, after cooking off the Food Matters Cookbook for over a year now, I know how unfussy Mark Bittman is and that is why I love his cookbook and cooking style.

Sure enough, his version of a cheese fondue is totally easy and there are no fancy cooking pots necessary! This recipe involves a few simple steps: turn your oven on to 450 degrees F; chop some vegetables and stale bread pieces; place the veggies and bread pieces in separate baking pans; season them with olive oil, salt and pepper; then pop them in the oven to roast. Meanwhile, simmer wine and cornstarch on the stove top, add the cheese, and cook until it melts. When the timer goes off, the vegetables and homemade croutons are done and your cheese perfectly melty and creamy.

What?!? Yes, it’s that easy and quick! I put this dinner together on a busy Thursday night and it wasn’t overwhelming at all. Lexi has the original Mark Bittman recipe on her blog. I followed it closely and used some chardonnay and Gruyere cheese.          

This meal was fabulous. It’s a great all-in-one meal: filling, crunchy croutons with vegetables roasted to tenderness and a gourmet cheese sauce drizzled over everything. It’s fancy on the homey side and indulgent on the healthy side. Trust me when I say that this will become a quick favorite of yours!

Make sure to stop by the FMP website to check out how other members fared.

Happy Monday to all of you and happy spring break to me and all the other spring breakers!


  1. I've always been afraid to make fondue at home due to the lack of a pot but now I'm totally going to be checking out this recipe! Melty cheese for dinner sounds perfecto.

  2. OMG,
    This is the perfect dish for a party! Love it!

  3. Glad you liked the recipe Margarita! Thanks for giving it a try.

  4. This melting cheese on top just spoke to my heart!

  5. I'm with you as a fondue newbie... your sauce looks amazing, though!

  6. I have never tried fondue, let alone reverse fondue! I'm glad you don't need fancy pots, I want to make this!

  7. I didn't get to make this one- getting over the flu, but I'm a little bummed and will have to do it another week. This looks good, and you're right when I saw the recipe at first I had that whiney "why fondue" voice in my head as well. But everyone's looks so great, so I can't wait to try it out!


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