Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pear, Sage, and Arugula Cheese Sandwich

I have always been a big fan of eating bread with random cheeses and fruits. The combinations are usually in the form of Brie, goat cheese, Fontina, or sharp cheddar with grapes, apples, or pears. They are not always made in the form of a sandwich, but more like a bread/cheese/fruit plate. However, a few summers ago when I was in San Francisco with my friends Kaelee and Heidi, we came upon this super delicious sandwich with pear slices, some cheese that tasted like Fontina, and some leafy greens.

It is high time that I recreate that sandwich! How about some pear slices, goat cheese, sage, and arugula altogether in one delicious bite?

You got it! So incredibly good, you would not tire of eating it! A big part of the trick is to use really good bread. Some good heavy bread, French bread, or sourdough… life is too short to eat crappy bread anyway.

Make sure to use ripe pears, there’s nothing quite like this precious teardrop shaped fruit that will surprise you with either a sweet crisp or a juicy bite. When paired with goat cheese, it is a match made in heaven! Creamy, salty, and sweet all in one. Just a note, I have used Fontina for this sandwich and it is really good too! Sage also plays a big part in this sandwich. It gives off a distinct pungent and earthy taste that somehow seals the bond between the goat cheese and pear.

The finishing touches to this sandwich involve a certain peppery and bitter leaf…Yes, arugula! I love adding arugula in this sandwich… it makes everything come together. That fresh crunch amidst the softened pears and the melted, creamy cheese is refreshing. And also, what’s a sandwich without a leafy green, right?

The combination of all these great ingredients in one sandwich is too delicious for words. You’ll just have to make it for yourself to believe.

Pear, Sage, and Arugula Cheese Sandwich (Makes 2 sandwiches)

4 slices of good bread, preferably whole wheat or sour dough
goat cheese or Fontina cheese
fresh sage leaves
ripe pear, sliced thinly

Move an oven rack in the middle position and preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a cookie sheet generously with butter.

Using a knife, cut off thick slices of good bread. Spread goat cheese or lay slices of Fontina cheese on both bread faces.

Place the sage leaves on top of the cheese on both faces of the sandwich. Cover the sage leaves with pear slices (again on both faces of the sandwich) so as not to burn them in the oven.

Bake for 5 minutes or just until the cheese melts and the pear slices turn moist.

Take the bread out of the oven and turn the oven off. Place 3-5 arugula leaves on one sandwich face. Close the sandwich and enjoy it while still warm!


Now then, on to some good reads!

I am fully immersed in work now… This is it until June 2013! My summer days spent reading books on the couch or on the treadmill are over. But, I made a vow to keep on reading throughout the school year. It will keep me sane!

So, I wanted to share with you the books that I read over the past few weeks and my thoughts on them… If you have been contemplating about reading these books, then I hope you find my book reviews helpful.

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory – Intriguing, scandalous, and scintillating. This is the story of the widow, Elizabeth Woodville, who became King Edward IV’s queen, and her family’s struggle to keep the throne of England. A historical-fiction account of love, court life, and family rivalry. To be honest though, as interesting as the story is, it didn’t have the same effect on me as The Other Boleyn Girl series did. (If you haven’t read those books by the same author, Philippa Gregory, go grab them and prepare to be addicted.)

How to Love an American Man by Kristine Gasbarre – I started out not too impressed with this book, but it grew on me and I actually found it to be very charming. Kristine Gasbarre shares some lessons on how to be a proper woman and what to look for in a man. Most importantly, what she’s really telling us is to learn how to love ourselves first before truly loving someone else. A great how-to-love book written by a modern-day woman, who gets love advice from her old-school grandmother.

Trash by Andy Mulligan – A story about poor dumpsite boys, looking for “treasures” in the trash mountains of the Philippines. One day, these boys unearth a clue to a dangerous treasure. A quick read told by the boys and their unknowing accomplices, who in their own unsuspecting ways helped the boys go on their suspense-filled adventures to solve a mystery. I can tell that the author has done some good research on the country and its culture and perhaps may have even befriended some dumpsite kids. The characters in the book demanded my attention and I felt like I had to watch over them to make sure they don’t get themselves in any more trouble. In my opinion, the writing wasn’t super great but the plot, the characters, and the setting are very real.

The Summer We Came to Life by Deborah Cloyed – this is a bittersweet story that will remind you of the power of everlasting friendship here and in the afterlife (if you believe in such things). After reading this book, you will want to give each of your childhood best friends a call or write them a love letter, or just give them a great big hug.

Read on my friends... there is no other leisure activity better than reading!

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  1. I LOVE grilled cheese with fruit in it and I especially love how autumnal this version feels! Mmm.


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