Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inspiration Frenzy and then Disappointment

On Sunday afternoon, after yoga and an hour-long walk on the treadmill with my book, I went home and felt lonely, as I always do when no one else is around. We have half of an 80-piece pack of corn tortillas left and I decided to turn it into tortilla chips. The apartment smelled like grease so I opened the door for a little bit, but only ended up freezing. Greasy smell must go away, ASAP!

What better way to smother this stink than to bake something sweet? I suddenly felt inspired and decided to make something up with the leftover heavy cream in the refrigerator. I was in a frenzy… rushing around, considering this ingredient or that, taking down notes, meticulously measuring, and taking pictures. What was the end product like? Uh, not so great. *sad*

They look promising, don't they? Looks can be deceiving.

While these were baking, I did 100 sit-ups, 30 lunges on each leg, 50 squats, and 20 push-ups. Why? Because I know I will be obsessing about how these thingies will turn out and will taste and re-taste it over and over… as soon as it pops out of the oven, burning hot in my mouth and then again, when it has cooled down a bit, then again just to see if I tasted it right or not. Oh, and one more time after dinner to see if the taste miraculously changed over the past 3 hours. SIGH! Does anyone else do this, or am I alone in this taste-testing OCD?    

I took some pictures right before rolling them into balls and again before popping them in the oven, crossing my fingers and hoping they would turn out good. As I gingerly touched one while it was still hot, I had so much hope… but after the first bite, felt disappointed. They’re actually not that terrible… just not as good as they can be. So, I jotted down notes on how to improve the taste. Perhaps, I will get them right next time and will be able to share the recipe then.

Redemption will come soon (if I don't get too lazy)...

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